Tomorrow is the ‘O’ level Mother Tongue Oral exam. My Mother Tongue is Chinese, and tomorrow is the day. I am the first to take the exam in my class, and maybe my school.

It’s very stressful. This isn’t something I can study. All I can do is just read some Chinese notes provided by my teacher.

What if the examiners are mean? What if they are not generous in giving marks? What if I stumble? What id I don’t know how to read the words? What if….?

So many questions. I just want to know what the passage and picture ia NOW!!!

All I can do is hope and pray that everything will go smoothly tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Returning to school


Ok, I really dread returning to school, because I have to start stressing out for my national exams. And today started very badly.

Firstly, nobody told me about a new timetable. They all told me it wad on Facebook, and I told them I have stopped using facebook for a long time, so , my bad. And the old timetable today required me to wear sports attire. I have a habit for wearing it under my school uniform, so it was got as hell. I also did not bring what I was suppose to bring. When my teachers come in for class, I have to pray that he/she forgets about homework or start wasting time.

It was nice seeing my friends again. I mean, I did not see them for one month. But one thing still hasn’t change, the 3 of my “friends” are still not talking to me for some reason I really don’t know. They don’t want to talk about it, it does not solve anything.

Here I am at night writing this post. I am studying right now, or after typing this post from my phone. So bye!