Review: BABYMETAL, The 3 Foxes


I absolutely love BABYMETAL. I think that they are so cool.


SU-METAL(Suzuka Nakamoto ,中元 すず 香 ): Vocals,Dance
MOAMETAL(Moa Kikuchi, 菊地 最 愛): Scream;Dance
YUIMETAL(Yui Mizuno, 水野 由 結): Scream;Dance

I knew about them from going to Anime Fest Asia 2012 in Singapore. I didn’t go to the ILoveAnisong concert, but I saw them at the festival area. On YouTube, someone uploaded the official recording of the whole concert. I went to watch it for LiSA. Then the first performance( I think) was BABYMETAL. That’s how I knew about them.

When I first heard one of their songs Doki Doki Morning, I had mixed feelings. The concept of the group was for a new genre called Kawaii Metal, which is the mixed of Japanese Idol Pop and Heavy Metal. I loved the Idol Pop part, but I don’t know about the Heavy Metal because I thought it was… Demonic.

Well, a year has passed and I’ve become a fan. Some popular singles are Ijime Dame Zettai, BABYMETAL DEATH(It’s not really a song), Headbangya etc.

Personal favourites are Uki Uki Midnight, Catch me if you can, Answer for animation with you and especially MEGITSUNE.

MEGITSUNE is their latest song at this date. It’s really nice. I recommend it.