My New Room


It has been a very long time since I actually wrote anything on this blog. I think I said it many times already. Such a bad habit.:|

Usually I’m rather busy because the school work load is very VERY Time consuming. So, I don’t have time to write anything, or even continue my webtoon comics.

The reason I can write this post right now, is because term break/vacation has just started. So, weeeeeee, I have time to relax now. Well not really because of holiday homework and assignments. Still lots to do, haha.

OK, let’s start with the purpose of this post.

Well, I RECENTLY MOVED HOUSE!(Not really recently because I moved house like when the term started and now is like term end, so yah)
So, I have a new room and I wanted to show it to you guys. My mum hired an interior designer to design the room for me (like designed the whole house and my room is part of it), she made my room green, lime green.


So here’s where I sleep. Very green huh? There’s more things that are green actually. I’ll show that later. The mattress, plush toys, and that stack of drawer was brought over from my old house.

The bedframe is new. My old bed frame doesn’t have any cushion for sitting up so at least now I would feel comfortable sitting up and using my phone or something.
The plush toys I have are: Happy and Plue from Fairy Tail (the blue cat and white snowman) which I bought from AFA SG 2012, Buddy the T-Rex from Dinosaur Train which was what I got from a visit to a local animation studio called SPARKY Animation and a Graduation Teddy from graduation from Primary School.
The roller chair was bought from IKEA. It is one of those self-assembly type of chair. It was very heavy to carry and to bring it to my room. I assembled it with my dad. It is very comfortable but the chair doesn’t roll unless you sit on it? Which I find it very stupid cuz that means you kinda have to lift the chair in order to tuck it into your desk.
Those drawers are where I keep my random stuff, and my TheSims and Archie comics collection.

Moving in to my desk.

This desk is a built in one, yep, with lime green drawers. Drawer on my left is where I keep personal stuff while the drawer on my right is where I keep my school stuff. That shelf with the dictionaries are from my old room which I never use ever cuz Google is my friend. And that is my Sword Art Online Poster! It’s actually a folder I got from AFA SG 2014, but I decided to use it as a poster because I couldn’t find a poster there.
In front of the shelf of dictionaries are just some stack of books that I bring to school, like my notes and sketchbooks.
That corkboard is placed there for decoration. Without the corkboard, my desk area looks very empty. I suggested a shelf or something over the desk but my mum said no. So that corkboard is there so that I am not looking at a white wall. That white piece of paper on the board is just some extra I did for basic anatomy class.
The laptop is the one I bring to school. At the moment I took the picture, I was rendering images for my assignment. It took like eight hours but the whole animation looks great, so yeh. I was also drinking a cup of hot chocolate too, lol.
That standing pen thingy is the one that goes together with my wacom tablet which I keep in my drawer. My tablet is the Intuos Pro with the size small. I use it to draw into my computer because I do that.
On the right is my Kuroyukihime figurine. It was very expensive I bought it at AFA 2012 for $60. I didn’t expect it to be so expensive and my friends told me that the price is very normal. But still, Omg.
And the box thingy is actually an old shoe box that my mum decided to throw. I put an electrical extension box in it and put my phone and laptop charger in it, and the wires through the holes. So that my table looks neater than all the wires all over the place.

This is the other side of the room. This wardrobe is a built in one. My mother said that she asked for this design so, I guess we can say that my mum designed it?

Well, I do like this room. Actually, I love it. The only problem I have with this is that. The room is a little too white. It feels very plain. I’d prefer the wardrobe to be wooden, and the walls a little bit less white. I wanted some light green paint, but she was like your room is too green. So she got some white shade that is supposed to look green.

I’m loving in this room comfortably and would rather spend time in this room than anywhere else.


That is all for this post. It took a long time to write because I kept procrastinating? I started writing during term 3 break and now I’m halfway through term 4, lol. I’m pretty excited and look forward to the end of this year. But that means I have to choose my specialisation for animation. Either Assets Creation
(Modelling, Rigging etc.) or Character Animation itself. There is lighting specialisation, but I have no interest in that.

Talk to you guys next time. Hopefully soon?

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