#50 Random Questions Tag!!


Where were you 3 hours ago?

I was in school. Still am in school.

Who are you in love with?

Whut? I’m in love with no one. Not even a crush.

Have you ever eaten a crayon?

Maybe. I can’t remember.

Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?

Nope 😀 .

When is the last time you went to the mall?

Two days ago. Had to go on a grocery shopping trip.

Are you wearing socks right now?

Yes. It’s part of the school uniform.

Does your family have a car worth over $2,000?

There is never a car that is cheaper than $2000 in my country. My dad says his is $30,000

When was the last time you drove out of town?

Probably 3 months ago when I first started this blog? I went to Malaysia with my family. Wow, time does fly.

Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?

Yep. I went to watch The Smurfs 2.

Are you hot?


What was the last thing you had to drink?

Like forced to? It’s Pepsi. My mum ordered that for me. If I didn’t drink, she might complain that I am wasting money.

What are you wearing right now?

Green glasses with my blue and white school uniform with white socks and shoes.

Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?

Neither. My dad’s car is dirty as hell.

Last food that you ate?

McDonald’s McMuffin Set!

Where were you last week at this time?


Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?

Yep. A green collared shirt and jeans.

When is the last time you ran?

I think a week ago for physical education lesson.

What’s the last sporting event you watched?

Last year. While waiting for XFactor USA to air because a damn soccer game was extended and the show is right after that. I was forced to watch and I was really pissed.

What is your favorite animal?

Dogs or hamsters. But I recently saw an animal from Australia known to be the happiest animal and they look ADORABLE! What’s it called?

Your dream vacation?

Going to Disneyland. Never been there before.

Last person’s house you were in?

My own house?

Worst injury you’ve ever had?

I’m quite lucky. The worst is when I fell off a bicycle at like 5 years old. Never been injured ever since.

Have you been in love?

I love my family.

Do you miss anyone right now?

Yeah. My late grandmother. 😦

Last play you saw?

Play? Never seen one.

What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?

Whut? Secret. I never tried anyways. In my country, it’s rare for anyone at sixteen to date anyone. So…

What are your plans for tonight?

Study!!! :@

Who is the last person you sent a MySpace message or comment?

What’s MySpace?

Next trip you are going to take?

To my tuition centre?

Ever go to camp?

Yeh. Had to sleep on the floor. Was not used to it. Woke up with back aches.

Were you an honor roll student in school?

Yes. When I was like, seven, I got full marks for almost all subjects. Now, I’m pretty much below average.

What do you want to know about the future?


Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?

None. I don’t really like the smell.

Are you due sometime this year for a doctor’s visit?

Nope. I never had an appointment for a doctor’s visit. I’m probably diseased and I don’t even know.

Where is your best friend?

Good question. I do catagorise some of my friends to best friends. However, I don’t really know if they feel the same. So, I’ll be generic. School.

How is your best friend?

Good. I don’t know.

Do you have a tan?

I’m actually naturally tanned. I use to swim a lot when I was younger.

What are you listening to right now?


Do you collect anything?

I use to collect stamps. Now, nothing.

Who is the biggest gossiper you know?


Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?

Never. I’m a good boy.

Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?


What does your last text message say?

“2.20”. I was telling my dad what time to fetch me from school.

Do you like hot sauce?

No, I don’t. Ironic because I love spicy food like BBQ Stingray.

Last time you took a shower?

This Morning.

Do you need to do laundry?

No. My mum does not allow me to.do any chores because she complains that I make her more.busy.

What is your heritage?

I’m a Singaporean born Chinese.

Are you someone’s best friend?

I hope so.

Are you rich?

Please! No.


#25 Random Questions Tag!!


Here’s another tag post!

Found these questions on YouTube channel ElleGlitterGossip through random Google search.

*** Bare in mind that this was written at 12pm, today.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

1. Do you have any pets?

I had many fishes before, three terrapins and kept many crickets before. All the fishes and crickets die. My dad released my terrapins in a temple.

2. Name 3 things that are physically close to you.

Now? My bag, my phone and the bench I’m sitting on?

3. What’s the weather like right now?

It just rained. So it is rather cooling.

4. Do you drive? If so have you crashed?

Nope, cant drive till I’m eighteen in my country. Two more years!

5. What time did you wake up this morning?

8am. I was trying to do math papers that my teacher sort of assigned as homework.

6. When was the last time you showered?

4 hours ago? I’m shower like two to three times a day

7. What was the last movie you saw?

THE SMURFS TWO!!! I watched it alone.

8. What does your last text message say?

“Sherlock a bit…. Siao. And I only watch dust episode. How’s yoir Malaysia trip?”

I think I was drunk or something. So many typos.

9. What’s your ringtone?

Sony Ericsson Official Ringtone. I have no time to change it. Anyway,my phone is always on silent mode.

10. Have you ever been to a different country?


11. Do you like sushi?

I only like sushi that has salmon. I don’t like the others.

12. Where do you buy your groceries?

FairPrice. It’s almost in every shopping centre. Too convenient.

13. Have you ever taken medication to help you fall asleep faster?

Nope. I’m only like sixteen. Lol.

14. How many siblings do you have?

I have one half-brother and one half-sister. I’m actually considered the only child. They are older than me you see.

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?

Yup. A lot of virus decided to inhabit my netbook!.

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?

Seventeen 😀

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses?

Glasses. Why do.I need contact lens?

18. Do you color your hair?

Nope. Maybe after I graduate from secondary school? Just a little bit of green.

19. Tell me something you are planning to do today.

Work, shopping trip, dinner, work, blog, work, sleep.

20. When was the last time you cried?

Yesterday? I teared a little. LORI’S (The Walking Dead) DEATH WAS SOOO HORRIBLE.

21. What is your perfect pizza topping?

Cheese. Just cheese.

22. Which do you prefer-hamburgers or cheeseburgers?

Hmm. Cheese burger.

23. Have you ever had an all-nighter?

Nope. I.sleep like at 10pm.

24. What is your eye color?

I’m Chinese. So, brown.

25. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?

No. Why have two.companies selling the same thing?

#My Firsts Tag!!


Another Tag Post! Hope you guys know more about me!!

1: FIRST Tweet?

It’s a retweet of a tweet from YouTuber Ricky Dillon about Taylor Swift’s song. My first tweet out was telling my friend to study and stop tweeting out YouTube videos.

2: FIRST YouTube video?

Um, first video I made or watched? I think the first video I made on YouTube wad to advertise my comic series on my old blog which is now gone. The first video I watched… I can’t remember. Maybe a Smosh or Shane Dawson video?

3: FIRST person you subscribed to on YouTube?

It should be either Smosh, Shane Dawson or Jenna Marbles. I’m positive it’s one of them.

4: FIRST Facebook profile pic?

This picture was from Amarath Games( I think that’s how it’s spelled).

5: Do you still talk to your FIRST love?

Yes. I still talk to my parents. I’m just afraid that as I age, I turn out to be like other teenagers.

6: What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?

No answer. I’m a good boy. Never drink before. Wait. Is sparkling juice counted?

7: What was your FIRST job?

Studying. Duh!

8: What was your FIRST car?

In my country, I’m not allowed to drive until 18. I’m so jelly of Americans

9: Who was the FIRST person to text you today?

I texted my friend : “You too. Why you wake up so early?”. She wished me Selamat Hari Raya early in the morning at like, 5am.

10: Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?

Obviously the friend who texted me early in the morning.

11: Who was your FIRST grade teacher?

Her name is Ms Julie Leong. I remember her very clearly because she left us to further her studies. All the girls cried.

12: Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?

Definitely Penang, Malaysia. My grandmother brought me there to stay with her and my grandfather for two weeks. It happens every year. Until… She passed away. 😥 Love you.

13: Who was your FIRST best friend &; do you still talk?

His name is Willie. And we don’t talk. We’ve lost contact as we went to different schools.

14: Where was your FIRST sleep over?

If you count school camps, it’s a camp in a distant place from my home. Cannot remember the name. Otherwise, had not have a sleepover.

15: What was the FIRST thing you did this morning?

Text back my friend.

16: What was the FIRST concert you ever went to?

I’ve never been to a concert. My mum says that they are too expensive. But I’m dying to see a Taylor Swift Concert and a BABYMETAL Concert.

17:FIRST broken bone?

OMG, IS THAT A THING? Never broken one before. I’m weird. 🙂

18: FIRST piercing?

As I’ve said, I’m a good boy. But there is this unexplained hole on the top of my left hear. It’s the size of an ear piercing. Maybe my mum accidentally poked my ear.

19: FIRST foreign country you’ve gone to?

Malaysia. Reason is stated at the previous question.

20: FIRST movie you remember seeing?

It’s either The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or Snow White.

21: When was your FIRST detention?

I repeat. I’m a good boy. Had no detection.

22: Who was your FIRST roommate?

It’s a guy named Jonas. We went to a school trip to China and stayed in a students house. We had to share a bed 😉 But he was evil and took the blanket all to himself. I was shivering.

23: If you had one wish, what would it be?

I wish there are no such thing as death or even illness.

24: What was the first sport you were involved in?

I’m never the athletic kind of guy. But I think it’s table tennis. My dad got me into it.

25: What is the first thing you do when you get home?


When was your first kiss?

Either from my mum or my grandmother to welcome me to this world.

#TheSims3 Tag!!


I recently got kind of bored and have not played The Sims 3 in a very long time. So, I’ve decided to do The Sims 3 Tag in a form of a blog post. Feel free to copy the questions and do the tag yourself!



1: How long have you been playing The Sims 3?

Around Two years. I started when The Sims 3 Generations just came out. So, about two years.

2: Who/what got you into The Sims 3?

Hmmm, I guess, myself. Well, I wanted to play The Sims 3 since I was 11 years old. Then my friend lent me his The Sims 3 disc for me to try. He then gave it to me as a birthday present (Have not gave him anything yet). That’s how I actually ‘got into’ the game

3: What do you love most about The Sims 3 expansion packs?

I just enjoy how much it adds new content and new ways of gameplay. I get really excited when a new expansion pack comes out. No matter how much I persuade myself not to buy a new expansion pack, I still buy them. I have a problem.

4: What do you hate most about The Sims 3 expansion packs?

Nothing really. Oh, I just hate the fact that I have to give up my current town for the new town.

5: Which Sims 3 games do you own?

ALL OF THEM. Except all stuff packs and two expansion packs: World Adventures and Generations

6: If you could add one new feature to the game, what would it be?

Probably pets with magical powers? Please, there needs to he more than a unicorn. Like maybe give different occult states for pets. And one more is that we can have more than just 10 Sims?

7: How long do you hope to keep play The Sims 3 for?

Until The Sims 4 comes out. But, if The Sims 4 lags out my computer like how SimCity did, then I’m sticking with The Sims 3.

8: Would you ever sell your whole Sims 3 collection?

NEVER. There’s no question about it.

9: Approximately how much money have you spent on The Sims 3?

Let’s see:
$43.70 x 8 expansion packs + $10.00 (Hidden Springs on sale) = $359.60

That’s a lot for a student! Need to do some reflection.

10: Have you ever said “happy simming” to anyone?

No. Almost my whole school doesn’t like Sims. I just say ‘Su-su’ to one or two of my friends as they play the game too.