Review: Why Modern Family?


I recently finished watching all 4 seasons of Modern Family. And is patiently waiting for the next season. It is one of my favourite American dramas, and here’s why:



Each persona has a very special characteristic.

Phil Dunphy(Ty Burrell) is a dad who always makes the wrong points, fun, and is always having trouble impressing his father-in-law. I find this character a little annoying. Claire Dunphy(Julie Bowen) is quite hot-tempered and very rash. Haley Dunphy(Sarah Hyland) is a bimbo, that’s why she’s funny. Alex Dunphy(Ariel Winter) is smart, but it is quite funny to watch someone who is like a perfectionist, and is socially struggling get through the series.Luke Dunphy(Nolan Gould) was an innocent kid; throughout the series we can see him grow, the change makes the character pretty funny; he is the dumb kid.

Jay Pritchett(Ed O’Niel) is the tough guy and is super stubborn, another character that I find annoying. At least this character adds humor. Gloria Delgado(Sophia Vegara) is in my opinion, the funniest character. She has a very strong Colombian accent, which makes her pronunciation funny. She is also slightly tempered, I think that’s her heritage, according to the show. Manny Delgado(Rico Rodriguez) has an old soul, but kind of a hopeless romantic. Another annoying character because he wants things.

Mitchell Pritchett(Jesse Tyler Ferguson) is also hot-tempered acts like a know-it-all, super happy when he is right, making him funny. Cameron Tucker(Eric Stonestreet) is super dramatic, and sometimes makes things worse. I find this character very funny and very annoying at the same time. I was actually surprised that in real life, this actor is a straight man, and not a gay like in the show. Lily Tucker-Pritchett(Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) is funny, simply because she is toddler. They are cute, you know.

Interesting Storyline
I must say, the show is very well written. It is the type of show that is never boring, and I seriously don’t mind watching it over and over again.

This is also the kind of show that, if you miss an episode, you still can catch up (Valid till season 2). Season 3 onwards, some episodes are connected to one another, or one episode’s events are mentioned in another. Now they are adding new characters, like Joe Pritchett, Stella the dog and Larry the cat. I wish the series will focus more on these characters.

Guest Stars
The guest stars add a lot of humor in the series. It is also very frequent that they have guest stars coming into the show. They need not necessarily be very famous, as long as they are funny, I’m good.