SimDay(University) 8-21 : In hell


The last we’ve left off, the household has just been enrolled in university again. This was hell mode for me. Basically every weekday went by in speed 3. Going to classes the whole day. I’ll do the same thing again like the previous university week, just that this is 2 weeks of hell:

Firstly, they managed to pick up certain skills. The household managed to raise a lot of funds to purchase that science thingy for Jason to use. Chase has been training his social networking skill. His skill level is enough to change his smartphone colour to white. Telena naturally gain painting skill, because of the course she is taking. She also have been training her alchemy skill, trying to make the fairy elixir, bit to no avail.


Jason working on science skill

Secondly, Chase and Telena tried to throw a wedding party. Little did they know that they cannot get married in university. The party was great, just because Chase was playing the guitar. However, the could not get married, so it was kind of a failed party.

Thirdly, the household managed to experience the full moon in university. They managed to buy a peashooter for their dorm. There were not a lot of zombies there. But Telena managed to witness a werewolf transformation, and Telena fainted. It was quite funny.


Peashooter attacking a zombie

Lastly, the graduation. At that last day, I was super excited, because the Sims and I don’t need to suffer university. It’s also the first time I’ve seen so many Sims at one place before.



There was also a little glitch that prevented them from returning home. It drove me nuts. But eventually, they returned home at 12am, almost thought that they will stay there forever, and then I’ll die.

Don’t get me wrong, university life is quite fun, I was trying to rush to achieve the PDA, so their schedules were very packed, and there was no way of relaxation.


SimDay 1.5- The Proposal


It is still Sunday, in the afternoon. Apparently, when the Sims left for university, time stopped in Isla Paradiso.


When they left university, the household was hungry, so Telena, as usual, started cooking a meal for them. She now has a level 4 cooking skill, so she baked a pumpkin pie for them.

The dining area is actually outdoors. It’s quite relaxing to eat there with the sea breeze blowing across their faces. Suddenly, Jason suggested that they go back to university, to finish their studies and graduate fast, since time stops in Isla Paradiso when they are away. You see, their progress from getting a PDA is 3-quarters away. They were fine with it, but Chase requested they they call for enrollment at night.

Telena always wanted to be a fairy, ever since she was very young. Since she had some time, she decided to go to the Alchemy store to train her Alchemy skill. She wanted to learn how to make the potion that will turn her to a fairy.

Who knew? Chase requested for a later enrollment because he wanted to propose to Telena. He have some guitar skills, level 3. He can’t serenade to her, but he can do something like that. Well, she is currently outside at the alchemy store. So, Chase took a cab to her.

Meantime, Jason signed up for an online dating account. It makes sense; he’s lifetime wish is to be boyfriends of 10 Sims.

At the alchemy store, Telena discovered some elixirs, but none of them could turn her into a fairy. She won’t give up easily! Out of the blue, she heard some sounds of a guitar. It’s wasn’t perfect, but she was curious about who would play the guitar here. There are only the store owner, and probably one or two other customers and herself in the store. After finishing one interaction of alchemy research, she went to see who was. There, was Chase.

Chase stopped playing the guitar, and walked towards Telena. Few romantic interactions later, Telena felt extremely irresistible towards Chase. Then, Chase was on his knees, out came the ring. He asked Telena if she would marry him. She said yes.


It’s night time, everyone is back home. Jocelyn called the university to enroll everyone into university. To graduate, they have to complete 48 CCs. They need 36 more. The only option is to enroll for 2 weeks, with a very packed schedule. Sigh.


SimDay(University) 2-7 : University


Basically, it was just classes after classes, and really nothing much to do. I’ll just summarise the whole week of college:


Firstly, Chase and Telena are currently boyfriend and girlfriend. Chase did a couple of romantic interactions with Telena, like kissing, hugging etc. When Telena found Chase super irresistible, Chase asked Telena to go steady, and she said Yes!!

Jason also found his significant other. If you guys read my Current Household page in this blog, you’ll know that Jason has the flirty trait. Not only that, he recently purchased the irresistible lifetime reward. Most of the girls in his dorm were attracted to him, but it was very difficult to reach a high level of romance with any of them except for Jocelyn Applegate. Therefore now they are now going steady.

Secondly, going to college is a very easy way if earning Simoleons (The currency in The Sims). All of them had reached almost maximum of their progress in class, so just applying for funds, each of my Sims will earn 5000 Simoleons each(Total 20,000 Simoleons).

Thirdly, about the classes, each Sim have a different schedule. Chase’s and Telena’s schedule identical; Jason’s and Jocelyn’s are identical. I prefer the lecture classes, and practical classes as I can still manage what they are doing.



Rabbithole classes are really boring, but it is a good way to waste time. Just put game in speed 3.

Lastly, final exams were a breeze.
All of them passed with flying colours.

I have to say, I was really happy that they finished the week of college, and then they can head back home and enjoy their lives.

I don’t really like university. I must say, the view of Sims University at night is beautiful