Just another day of school. The lesson of mathematics is just as confusing. Nothing different.

I also ate KFC for lunch, because it has been a very long time since I ate any fast food. So I’ve enjoyed it pretty much.

I’ve also learned a lesson. Never procrastinate. Now it’s 8pm, I’ve only started a little of my work in the afternoon, so u have to suffer rushing of homework at night, it’s a lot. I hope I finish it tonight. Well, at least I still have a new episode Shane Dawson’s podcast to accompany me. Go xElfStorm!




Hey guys,
So I have just started this blog today. Today was kind if a normal day. Just played a 2 hours of Sims, went for tuition, went home and study….

Tomorrow I’ll be going on a short holiday. Hope it will be fun…

Lol, blogging about my life is kind of hard!! I have like nothing to say… BYE!!